Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine: A Classic Device

Mr Coffee Espresso MachineThe name Mr. Coffee is one that has been well known in the consumer kitchen accessory market for decades. Long time television watchers likely remember the classic commercials of the 1970’s. The commercials contributed to the massive success of Mr. Coffee machines allowing the brand to remain hugely popular to this day.

Mr. Coffee does not solely offer traditional coffee making machines. There are quite a number of other unique devices the company offers such as the Mr. Coffee espresso machine. The strong taste of espresso is quite popular among its many aficionados, but only when it is made well.

The Basics of the Machine

The traditional home espresso machine bearing the Mr. Coffee name is perfect for those looking for a small beverage maker at a low price. A quality machine can be purchased for just under $40 and it is perfect for making 1 to 4 cups of espresso. The machine can also make lattes and cappuccinos. So, if you are interested in a different warm beverage on different days, this machine will offer such variety. Those assuming they must purchase a costly commercial espresso machine to make such selections might be shocked this relatively small coffee machine can do such a job.

Making Beverages

The Mr. Coffee espresso machine is a steam-based coffee maker. The machine comes with a frothing aid that is easily removable. This frother is what is employed to make milk beverages such as cappuccino. Regardless of what beverage you make, the machine will do so quietly. It is not one of those loud and distracting models lesser companies are prone to manufacture.

You will never have to worry about making any errors when measuring the espresso. There are clear measuring marks on the decanter. The handle is designed to stay cool which reduces the potential for errant burns. It has also been crafted to avoid dripping when espresso is poured out of it. Making espresso is very easy. All you need to do is follow the instructions provided with the machine.


Even though the espresso machine comes at a very low price, it is not a cheaply made machine. It will not break down or falter after only a few uses. The Mr. Coffee name is synonymous with high quality manufacturing. The espresso machines released bearings its name are no exception to this.

Mr. Coffee delivers on customer expectations with this excellent espresso machine. If you like you small cups of coffee extremely strong, this is the machine to own. The price is right and it definitely makes great espresso.

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