Krups Espresso Machine: A History of Quality

Krups Espresso MachineWhen a consumer buys a Krups espresso machine, they are buying into a long tradition of quality brewing products that began in 1846. The company is family owned and located in a German town called Wald. Today, Krups offers three types of consumer espresso machines: combination coffee and espresso machines, pump espresso machines and steam espresso machines. This way, consumers can find just the right Krups brewer machine to fit their needs.

Combination Coffee and Espresso Brewer

The Krups combination coffee and espresso maker features both a programmable coffee brewer with a pump espresso machine. This way, the best of both brews is available at a moment’s notice.

Pump Espresso Machines

The Krups pump espresso machines employ a strong pump action that pushes the water quickly through the coffee grounds, soaking them, so that the best possible flavor results. This type of Krups espresso machine is perfect for those who enjoy a smooth cup of espresso.

Steam Espresso Machines

The Krups steam espresso machines produce classic, strong espresso. These machines are great for people who want a strong, refreshing serving of espresso.

History of Krups

In 1866, the small, family-owned business in Wald had expanded and distributed its products into other European countries. By 1900, Krups had become Germany’s most respected manufacturer of scales due to the company’s focus on accuracy and detail. Krups focused solely on manufacturing top-quality scales until 1956, when the company produced the first consumer electric coffee grinder, which was a huge hit with consumers.

In 1961 they prodouced the ONKO electric coffee maker, a version of this coffee maker is still on the market today. In 1983, Krups introduced its first electric espresso machine. The German people were wild about coffee, and demand for this product was high. In 1991, Krups worked with Nestle to introduce the upscale Nespresso, a single-pod espresso machine.

The company has continued to grow and evolve to become one of the espresso machine market’s leading brands. From a small business that made scales to a company that makes some of the world’s favorite electric espresso and coffee machines, Krups has focused on keeping quality and accuracy as its top priority. The early experience in building scales helped the company transition into the production of small electric kitchen appliances after World War II.

Where to Buy

For those in the market for a high-quality espresso machine, Krups has been a favorite for more than a century. Today, top department stores sell Krups products in their housewares departments. Consumers also have the choice of shopping online for the exact Krups espresso machine they want. Thousands of websites feature Krups espresso machines for sale at affordable prices. Even popular auction sites such as eBay can be a source for Krups espresso machines at a discount or fair price.

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