Jura Espresso Machine: A Well-Equipped Appliance

Jura Espresso MachineTrue espresso connoisseurs are not satisfied with instant packets of espresso, nor do they find the little plastic cups of pre-made espresso satisfying. Those who know and love their espresso will want to purchase a product like the Jura Espresso Machine.

The manufacturers at Jura create an impressive assortment of machines specially designed to brew the perfect cup. The espresso machine has an impressive, innovative design with many great features.


This espresso machine has a unique programming feature that allows one to choose the strength of the brewed espresso. The machine also has two temperature levels available, and one can also program the amount of liquid brewed. Whether one prefers one ounce, or sixteen ounces, the choice is easy.


There is no pre-ground coffee that can compare to the taste of fresh-ground coffee. Each Jura Espresso Machine comes equipped with a built-in grinder, so the espresso brewed has the fresh, robust taste and aroma of freshly ground coffee beans. The grinder has five settings to allow for the grind to be as fine or as coarse as desired. The quiet whir of the grinder is also a welcome change from the noisy grinders of other coffee makers.

Multifunction Display Monitor

The LCD monitor provides an array of information, as well as allowing for settings to be easily adjusted to suit one’s needs. The display lets one know when the coffee or espresso has finished brewing, as well as when the machine needs maintenance or attention.

Additional Features

In addition to the features listed above, the Jura Espresso Machine also includes some advantages over other machines. The compact size means it fits easily in even the smallest kitchen, without consuming a large amount of counter space. The automatic rinse cycle keeps the machine clean and in top working order after each brew session. The machine also alerts the user when it is in need of cleaning. One touch cleaning makes it easy to keep the machine in top working order. The machine does not use any energy when it is turned off.


Jura manufactures an assortment of espresso machines. The models range in price from $700 to $2,000. Those who wish to spend less on their machine may wish to consider purchasing a refurbished machine. However, one should exercise caution when doing so. Refurbished machines often perform as good as new, but sometimes they can be problematic and also may have limited warranties or no warranty at all.

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