Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine: Delivering High Quality

Gaggia Classic Espresso MachineThe Gaggia Classic espresso machine is designed not only to make espresso, but also to brew coffee. The machine maintains a very traditional look, and yet, it is built with highly advanced technology. Among the best benefits of this particular machine is the ability to make commercial level quality espresso and do so in a model designed for the home.

The Basics Stats

The Gaggia Classic espresso machine is known for its high capacity. The removable water reservoir holds up to 72 ounces ensuring it can make quite a number of cups of coffee and espresso. The inclusion of 58mm filters also helps guarantee enough room is present for brewing espresso in the fullest and richest manner. The overall size of the espresso maker is not all that large as it is 14.25” x 8” x 9.5”. Despite the seemingly average size, this is a very durable machine. The durability and reliability of the machine is rooted in the high quality components employed in its construction. Clearly, the fact this machine is made from stainless steel contributes greatly to its durability.


While looks do have some value with an espresso machine, it will be performance that matters the most. The construction of the Gaggio Classic espresso machine definitely contributes to its high level of performance. The machine comes with a bar pump that is connected to a boiler with a high level of voltage. Those wishing to see the machine heat up quickly will note such enhanced power will speed the ability to warm up the water quite effectively. The temperature will not rise in an out of control manner. The system is designed to offer the much needed heating stability required to properly make warm beverages and to also add a sense of safety. Also contributing to the ability to stabilize the temperature would be the various brass components. These components are connected to a unique three-way solenoid valve and an expansion valve which operates independently. Such attributes are further indication of the unique manufacturing of the machine.

Added Features

There are a few added features that allow this model to stand out. There is a hot water dispenser which is perfect for those who would like to make a nice cup of tea. A frothing wand is also included for those preferring crema style beverages. There is even a cup warmer that ensures the espresso you have poured will not get cold.

Those investing upwards of $400 on an espresso machine will likely want one that is built to last. The high quality of engineering that goes into the design and manufacturing of this durable model ensures it is built to last. Even with heavy usage, this is an espresso machine that will not easily or quickly wear out. Therefore, the machine can make a great investment for espresso lovers.

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