DeLonghi Espresso Machine: A Convenient Device

Delonghi Espresso MachineThe DeLonghi EC702 is a simple and easy to use espresso and cappuccino maker. You have the choice between using ground espresso or easy serving espresso pods. This machine makes a fantastic brew in just a couple of minutes. There are two different filters which make espresso preparation simple and convenient. You can choose to use the Simple Crema Filter which uses about two measures of ground beans in order to make a nice cup of crema. The ESE, or easy serving espresso filter, uses one or two ESE pods to make the perfect cup of espresso.


This espresso machine features a stainless-steel boiler and two thermostats for your convenience. These are used to control the temperature for the brewing as well as the frothing wand. The great thing about this machine is that it can make hot and steamy froth without compromising the temperature of the brewed espresso. The self-priming feature in this machine is not found in most espresso makers. You don’t have to do any priming or preparation as it automatically removes all air from the water pump and works perfectly from there.

Pros and Cons

Making a great cup of espresso is not easy to do. Most machines are very expensive and not worth your money. However, there are some great machines in the market. The DeLonghi EC702 is a simple to use machine that will not break your budget. The only thing that many consumers have complained about is that the pre-heating, which is required, takes a bit longer than the stated fifteen minutes. This means that you have to decide if you want to have espresso or cappuccino twenty or thirty minutes before you actually drink it.

Cappuccino system frother

Many coffee makers feature a separate milk compartment in order for you to make frothy milk for your cappuccino. This machine has a frothing wand that you insert in your milk jar so that it turns creamy and perfect for a cup of cappuccino. Many people think that this is a more convenient option as a separate jar or container is easier to clean out. You can simply keep your milk container in the refrigerator instead of having to disassemble the machine and take out the milk compartment every time you make a cup.

Other details

This espresso maker comes with a cup storage and warming tray, which is nothing but a flat storage on top of the machine. This is a convenient place to warm your cups while the machine is pre-heating or priming. It also comes with a removable drip tray for easy storage and cleaning. This piece is large enough to catch all the excess coffee drips that come out from the filter. It can be easily removed for cleaning after brewing. It is possible to overcome the pre-heating problem by just switching the machine on and running the normal coffee cycle without the grounds. You can use easy serving espresso pods for a quick cup.

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