Automatic Espresso Machine: Considering Features

Automatic Espresso MachineAutomatic espresso machines are handy for home users that like to save time in the kitchen. These espresso machines give people the freedom to walk away after they have switched the unit on, knowing that the espresso will be quickly brewed while they focus on another task.

Automatic vs. Semi-Automatic Machine

A fully automatic espresso machine is very similar to the semi-automatic espresso maker. The major difference between the two is the automatic espresso maker’s one touch extraction system for brewing which semi-automatic models do not have.

This means that users simply have to press the power button once. The machine will automatically control the amount of water that gets dispensed for the ground coffee, and then, after the specified quantity of espresso is made, the automatic machine will stop by itself.

That is why these espresso machines are quite popular for commercial use because they let baristas prepare several drinks at once. Home users will find that they get the same high quality espresso from semi-automatic espresso machines. These types are generally priced lower than the automatic espresso makers. Additionally, the automatic models usually have limited selections for home use.

Today, semi-automatic espresso models are the most popular choice for home use. They are very user-friendly because their manual functions are quite easy to learn. These machines have an electric pump that is built in to make sure there is a consistent brew every time. In addition, these espresso machines have an internal water reservoir that is larger.

Automatic Model Features

Automatic models have a pump, automatic boiler temperature controls, and automated preset water volumes. Users just have to press a button and the espresso machine will deliver a specified amount of water. There are some automatic models that can be programmed for an auto-on or auto-off time. Many users like this feature because they can wake up to a machine that has made them a beverage.

These espresso machines normally have four different brewing switches or buttons: one shot normal, two shots normal, two shots short and one shot short. Many of these automatic espresso makers can be programmed for any volume for the various brewing switches.

There are a couple of features to think about before deciding on a machine, especially if you are considering on making an online purchase. Remember to read several customer reviews because they can be helpful. An automatic espresso machine that is made with good quality metal is an important feature because metal is more durable compared to plastic.

Other Important Considerations

Look for indicator lights that are easy to see because many models have small lights. Examine the area between the drip tray and spouts to ensure different cup sizes will work. Make sure the cup warming tray is actually usable and not just aesthetic. Buttons should be easily readable and simple to understand.

When selecting their first espresso maker, many people typically select either an automatic espresso model or the semi automatic model. Today, more people are selecting the automatic espresso machine because they like the convenience and ease of use.

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